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Family-owned Brooklyn Bedding got its start in 1995, but really hit its stride around 2008 when it began selling its first ever bed-in-a-box. Since then, the brand has grown into one of the most popular on the market, with a product line that includes six different mattresses as well as pillows, sheets, and foundations!

While we won’t be going into all these items, we will take a moment later on to compare the Brooklyn Signature to the Brooklyn Aurora and Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid mattresses.

What is the Brooklyn Signature Made of?

The Brooklyn Signature Hybrid is built with four layers of sturdy foams and pocketed coils, measuring up to an 11” profile. The combination of bouncy foam materials and coils creates a buoyant structure, one that could be especially well-suited for those in need of a little extra support.

I should also mention the bed is available in three different firmnesses, though I’ll only be testing the Medium Firm option for this review.

Now let’s dive into the bed!

Cover – Made of a poly/cotton blend, the cover is soft and breathable with a cozy handfeel. It’s also quilted with a bit of foam, so should provide the sleeper with some immediate comfort as soon as they hop on the bed.

Comfort – The comfort layer is built with 2” of the brand’s patented TitanFlex™ foam, which combines the contouring properties of memory foam with the quick responsiveness of latex. This allows for a little sink, but enough lift to keep the sleeper positioned firmly on top of the structure. Also worth noting is that the departure from strict memory foam in this top layer helps to mitigate the overheating tendencies of that material.

Transition – Up next, you’ll find another 2” foam layer, this time comprised of Energex™ foam. Slightly firmer than the layer above it, this section is included to help transition the sleeper into the pocketed coil support system below. It’ll also help draw the contouring of the top layer deeper into the mattress.

Support – The bulk of the bed’s durability and shape comes from this 6” section of pocketed coils. These individually wrapped springs not only bring some fantastic bounce to the structure, but also encourage a ton of breathability, which could help with temperature regulation throughout the night.

Base – Rounding out the construction is a 1” layer of high-density poly foam, included to provide the coils something upon which to bounce and react.

Thoughts: This design is definitely heavy on the bounce, so will likely keep the sleeper positioned more “on top” of the bed than “in” it. A wide range of folks could respond favorably to this vibe, but perhaps none more so than combo sleepers.

How Does the Brooklyn Signature Feel?

Now that we’ve gotten a sense of what’s going inside the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid, let’s see how that influences its feel, starting with firmness.

Since firmness — and feel in general — is such a subjective thing, I like to incorporate a few different opinions into my assessment. After all, one’s perception of a bed’s firmness can change a lot depending on differences in size, shape, and weight, which is why my firmness test always involves at least four people.

Basically, we all lie down on the mattress and share our personal firmness ratings with one another. We then average these scores together to land on the number you see below!

We were all pretty much in agreement about the firmness of the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid, landing on an average rating of 6.9. Compared to the industry standard of 6.5 for medium firmness, it seems this bed is a touch on the firmer side.

I personally gave the mattress a 7 as I found its combination of pocketed coils and supportive foams created a firm structure. Though there’s some slight give through the top section of TitanFlex™ Foam, the pocketed coil support system and Energex™ Foam transition layer work together to lift the sleeper up and out of the mattress. While this could spell excellent things for combo sleepers who need to move around and change positions at night, it may not be the best fit for side sleepers who need to sink in for pressure relief.

As a reminder, I’m only talking about the Medium Firm Brooklyn Signature here, so if you need something softer or firmer, you may want to check out one of the other firmness options available.

1 Brooklyn Bedding Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding is a quality-focused mattress maker with multiple mattress types and firmness options. They make all of their mattresses end to end in their own factory, passing on more price value to customers. 20% OFF Mattress
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How Well Does the Brooklyn Signature Relieve Pressure?

Another important component of a bed’s feel is pressure relief, specifically how it’s able to alleviate tension at sensitive spots such as the shoulders, hips, and lower back.

To see how well the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid accomplishes this feat, I stretched out on a pressure map! This nifty device tracks my movements as I roll around the mattress, recording the force my body exerts across different positions. The resultant graphic illustrates areas of low pressure in blue and high ones in red.

Back – Lying on my back, I experienced some pretty satisfying comfort! Though I could feel the top layer of foam filling in the space at my lumbar region for pressure relief, I never felt “stuck” in the bed and was able to move around with ease.

Side – Turning onto my side, I began to feel an increase of pressure at my shoulders and hips. The foam layers are quite firm on their own, so when you combine them with pocketed coils, the “sink” side sleepers typically favor all but dissipates. This isn’t too surprising when you consider that most side sleepers tend toward beds in the 6 firmness range.

Stomach – Though the firm lift of the mattress managed to keep my spine in a fairly healthy alignment here, I did notice that my hips were sinking out of line slightly with my shoulders. This resulted in some discomfort on my stomach, so I’m not sure I would recommend this bed for strict prone sleepers; that being said, they may enjoy the firmer Brooklyn Signature Hybrid mattress.

Brooklyn Signature vs.

So, we know how the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid feels, but how does its feel compare to other mattresses on the market? To find out, we’ll be sizing it up against two popular brands: Helix and Tuft & Needle.


  • Like Brooklyn Bedding, Helix offers a wide range of different bed-in-a-box mattresses.
  • However, Helix has slightly more variation in its line-up, ranging from ultra-firm beds to luxuriously soft ones.
  • Of the brand’s many beds, the Midnight is probably the closest in style to the Brooklyn Signature, as they’re both ultra-supportive hybrids.
  • As far as price is concerned, the mattresses are very comparably priced, with both beds starting at $600.

Tuft & Needle

  • Unlike the Brooklyn Signature and Helix models, the Tuft & Needle is an all-foam bed-in-a-box.
  • However, it has a surprisingly firm feel, making it a great fit for back and stomach sleepers.
  • Also worth noting is that the Tuft & Needle sleeps cool, which could be good for those sleepers who overheat at night.
  • Pricewise, it’s the least expensive of the three, starting at just $350.

Other Models

So, we’ve seen how the Brooklyn Signature fares against other models in the space, but how does it hold up against its sibling mattresses in the Brooklyn Bedding fam? To find out, we’re going to set it up against the Brooklyn Aurora and Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid beds.

Brooklyn Aurora

  • The Aurora is actually quite similar to the Signature as it’s also a firm bed-in-a-box hybrid built with support in mind.
  • However, it differs in that it puts an emphasis on cooling, which we see in the
  • Phase Change Material in the cover (which is literally cool to the touch) and the gel-infused memory foam in the core.
  • It’s also a tad more expensive than the Signature, starting at $999.

Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid

  • The Bloom is also a bed-in-a-box hybrid, but built with all-natural materials, which could be a real selling point for those eco-friendly sleepers in the bunch.
  • This mattress also sleeps super cool, thanks to moisture-wicking wool in the cover and naturally cooling latex foam in the comfort layer.
  • Given its sustainable construction, the Bloom is the most expensive of the three Brooklyn Bedding mattresses listed here, starting at $1,200.


1 Brooklyn Bedding Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding is a quality-focused mattress maker with multiple mattress types and firmness options. They make all of their mattresses end to end in their own factory, passing on more price value to customers. 20% OFF Mattress
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Motion Transfer

Alright, back to the Brooklyn Signature! In this next test, we’ll figure out the bed’s motion transfer, or the amount of movement that’s likely going to be detectable from one side of the mattress to the other. Definitely an important factor for all sleepers to consider, but perhaps especially so for anyone who shares a bed with a partner or a furry best friend.

To illustrate this motion transfer, I dropped a 10 lb. steel ball from heights of 4 inches, 8 inches and 12 inches and measured the disturbance it caused: the bigger the lines, the bigger the disturbance.

These are pretty great motion transfer results, which tells me you shouldn’t be too disturbed by movement across the structure. Though the bed is certainly bouncy, the top layers of foam do a good job of dampening a lot of the disturbance you might otherwise feel. Verdict? The Brooklyn Signature could be a real winner for couples!

Is the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Right for Me?

Well, we’ve arrived at the end of the review and have yet to answer the question you came here asking: Is the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid right for you? Unfortunately, I can’t make that decision for you, but I can provide you with a few final thoughts to help you get there on your own.

1 Brooklyn Bedding Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding is a quality-focused mattress maker with multiple mattress types and firmness options. They make all of their mattresses end to end in their own factory, passing on more price value to customers. 20% OFF Mattress
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Brooklyn Signature Recommendations

  • Given the bed’s excellent bounce, I’d highly recommend it for combo sleepers who need to change positions in the night.
  • I also think it could make a great fit for couples as the support extends all the way to the edge of the bed.
  • All in all, this mattress is likely to be a winner for anyone in need of a little extra support.

Brooklyn Signature Complaints

  • On the other end of the spectrum, I’m not sure this bed would be a good fit for side sleepers, who need a softer structure for pressure relief at the shoulders and hips.
  • Additionally, those in search of gentler materials (like, say, memory foam), probably won’t find a lot to love in this mattress.
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