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There are bucketloads of bed and mattress retailers online now, ranging from top quality retailers which sell a couple of brands, through to the online megastores which have a huge range and low prices.
1 Serta Mattress

Serta Mattress

In fact, every Serta mattress is designed to provide truly exceptional comfort, from our breakthrough iComfort® Sleep System to our iconic Perfect Sleeper®. Today, Serta is proud to be the #1 mattress manufacturer in the United States and a ...
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2 Linenspa Mattress

Linenspa Mattress

Linenspa is a very affordable mattress company with a variety of mattress designs like memory foam, innerspring, memory foam hybrid, and latex hybrid. These mattresses are priced very low for the materials used and oftentimes have craftsmanship ...
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3 Sweetnight Mattress

Sweetnight Mattress

The name certainly markets the product as a comforting experience. The company promotes MOLECULE Air-Engineered™ comfort, improved recovery, and a cool sleep, all at a good price point. SweetNight sells a full range of mattresses and pillows, most ...
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4 signature design by ashley

signature design by ashley

Signature Design by Ashley is one of the divisions of Ashley Furniture is the largest Home Furnishings manufacturer. ... Designed to give you a safe, supportive and restorative rest Ashley Sleep Memory Foam and Latex Mattresses both feature the ...
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5 Casper Sleep Mattress

Casper Sleep Mattress

The Casper mattress is built with three layers of foam, including a top layer of breathable aerated foam, a middle section of zoned support, and a sturdy bottom layer of high-density poly foam (or pocketed coils, for the Hybrid version). This ...
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6 Zinus Mattress

Zinus Mattress

Zinus is an e-commerce mattress and furniture company that launched in South Korea in 2004. ... Its bed-in-a-box Pressure Relief Green Tea Memory Foam mattress made our Best Mattresses, Best Budget/Cheap Mattresses, and Best Budget/Cheap Foam ...
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Mattress Stores Near Me
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Classic Brands Decker Hybrid Memory Foam and Innerspring 10-Inch Mattress, Queen,
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$ 281.98
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Signature Sleep Sunrise 10″ Hybrid Coil Mattress, Queen
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$ 316.99
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LUCID Premium Hypoallergenic 100% Waterproof Mattress Protector-15 Year Warranty-Vinyl Free-Queen
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$ 19.99
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MyPillow Roll & GoAnywhere Pillow (Daybreak Blue)
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$ 29.81 $ 19.99
Best seller
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Sweetnight Queen Mattress in a Box – 12 Inch Plush Pillow Top Hybrid Mattress
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$ 497.49
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Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress, Bed in a Box, Quilted Cover, Made in The USA, 10-Year Warranty – Twin Size
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$ 332.12
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Ashley Furniture Signature Design – 10 Inch Chime Elite Mattress – Queen Size – White & Blue
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$ 355.08

Mattress Stores Near Me Reviews​

So comfortable. Looove it!! The beauty of the 3-inch topper is it’s thick enough for complete comfort and fits under my deep pocket sheets. But the memory foam is so soft yet not squishy. It’s firm enough for a fantastic night's sleep. I wasn’t sure if the gel-infused would make a big difference or not. Well, let me tell you but this mattress topper. It is like having another mattress on top. So soft and molds your body. I have been sleeping so good since I have slept on this topper great buy Best night sleep in forever. You must get this topper. The description of the product is right on. I love this pad. We’ve had it two months and it hasn’t broken down yet. It supports in all the right places and is cool to sleep on. No hot flashes for this gal at night.
I'm very pleased with the quality of this mattress topper. It was a gift for my elderly mother who can be somewhat difficult to please. She looked it over closely and commented on how nice the stitching is. She hasn't had a good night's rest in quite some time. Since putting on this topper, she's more comfortable and sleeping better. She can really notice the difference in the amount of cushion and gave me a glowing review when she got up after sleeping on it for the first time. I asked her about its cooling feature, but she hasn't noticed anything remarkable about the temperature, but it's not making her uncomfortably warm or anything along those lines. She is generally very sensitive to dust and odors because she has asthma and allergies, but was able to put this on the bed right out of the package without any problems. Very pleased with this purchase because it helped me help my mom.
This is a good quality mattress topper that adds additional support & is soft comfortable memory foam. 3 inch gel infused memory foam with bamboo cover makes it different than other memory foam toppers. Bamboo fiber cover is hypoallergenic, removable & washable. I have a number of health conditions, a neighbor that makes a lot of noise at night & paranormal activity. Combination of this topper along with a sleep eye mask & ear plugs really help get a good night sleep ! I sleep on side & this helps relive aches/pains I have which is important given fibromyalgia, arthritis & other issues. Even though it adds extra 3" sheets I have add some extra for deeper mattress so they work well with it.

How to buy the best mattress?

Do you want a good night’s sleep?Mattress Near Me Deciding which type of mattress to buy is only part of the story. Whether you prefer a pocket-sprung or a memory-foam mattress, our mattresses near me tests have found big differences between the best and worst of each mattress ‘type’. Make the wrong choices and you risk being lumbered with a needlessly expensive mattress that’s uncomfortable, unsupportive and unable to stand the test of time without sagging and softening. Thankfully, we’ve explained everything you need to know below to ensure you get the right mattress.

Memory foam mattresses are popular for many reasons. People buy them because:

  • They’re likely to reduce tossing and turning at night, which is the leading cause of poor sleep.
  • They distribute body weight evenly, which supports your body properly and doesn’t cause painful pressure.
  • Memory foam mattresses can help injuries heal faster, since the foam doesn’t put pressure on painful points in the body.
  • These mattresses are made with substances that are resistant to allergens, in contrast to other mattresses that can contain up to 10 million dust mites inside after a few years of use.

There have been some complaints about memory foam mattresses over the years. These have included:

  • Heat. Some memory foam mattress owners complain that memory foam become warm at night, which can be nice in the winter, but otherwise miserable, especially if you’re a naturally warm sleeper. However, some memory foam mattresses now come with a cooling system.
  • Harsh chemicals. Back when memory foam mattresses were first made, they were laced with many harmful chemicals like formaldehyde. Nowadays, thanks to government regulations and public concern, fewer harsh chemicals are used. However, memory foam isn’t often as eco-friendly as other natural mattresses.
  • The quicksand effect. Since memory foam contours itself to the body, some people complain that they feel stuck, and like they’re sinking into their bed. While it might be comfortable to some to literally sink into bed, others find it constricting. Temperature-sensitive memory foam is the worst culprit of this common complaint.

There are three main types of memory foam mattresses: traditional, plant-based, and gel foam.

Traditional Memory Foam: Fitting and Petroleum-Based

Traditional memory foam mattresses haven’t changed much since they first appeared in the 1970s. They’re still made from petroleum-based products, too, which environmentalists are less than enthused about.

Plant-Based Memory Foam: Springy and Natural

Some memory foam mattresses are plant-based and use coconut foam, soy and other plant materials. These mattresses spring back more quickly than traditional memory foam mattresses and have a cleaner footprint.

Gel Memory Foam: A Cooler Option

Gel memory foam is a combination of traditional memory foam and gel, which can be in a layer of the mattress or combined with the memory foam throughout the mattress mold.

Many claim that gel memory foam is a cooler option than traditional foam. However, fewer studies have been done about gel memory foam, so durability and breathability have not been proven.

Memory Foam vs. Other Mattresses

The best mattress option depends on the sleeping habits of the person looking for a mattress. Memory foam mattresses are often pitted against latex mattresses, spring and coil mattresses, and hybrid beds.


    Memory Foam vs. Latex Mattresses


    Latex mattresses are known for springing back more quickly than memory foam mattresses. Sleepers who move around a lot at night may find that latex mattresses are best, since they reform to the body more quickly.


    Memory Foam vs. Spring Mattresses


    Memory foam mattresses are considered more comfortable than spring or coil mattresses, as memory foam distributes weight evenly across the body, thus relieving pressure points and other aches and pains.


    Memory Foam vs. Hybrid Mattresses


    Hybrid mattresses might be a good fit for sleepers who find coil mattresses too firm and memory foam too contouring and hugging. The best fit for you depends entirely on what you find comfortable and your sleeping patterns.

Memory foam mattresses can be quite expensive, costing thousands of dollars depending on the brand and size of the mattress. Less expensive brands are available, however, some costing under $100, again depending on size.

Other options are available as well, including memory foam mattress toppers and mattress pads. These are cheaper options – usually below $200, depending on the size and brand—and still provide much of the comfort that full mattresses do.

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