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Take a look at our latest mattresses that have been carefully designed to fit your needs. Memory foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses, cooling gel-infused mattresses, breathable mattresses, standard size, twin size, queen size & also king size mattresses. Take your pick and sleep better with Sweetnight.


Discover how each layer of our Hybrid and Memory Foam Mattress adds up to a better night's rest. Perfect for those who like to be supported by their bed, but with ...


We take the construction of our mattress very seriously .Noting is left to chance to ensure that every part of our mattress is manufactured to the utmost quality and standard .


Our foam has been analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories. Made without harmful substances. Perfect pillow for all sleeping positions, especially for side sleepers

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Internets Most Loved Mattress, Pioneering The World’s Most Influential Mattress Experience. People spend almost a third of their life sleeping in the bed
Sweetnight Mattress
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King Mattress,Sweetnight King Size Mattress-10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattresses
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$ 657.60 $ 511.55
Best seller
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Sweetnight SN-P003-S Sleeping-Shredded Gel Memory Foam Removable Cooling Cover
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$ 41.99
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Queen Mattress – Sweetnight Breeze 10 Inch Queen Size Mattress-Infused Gel Memory Foam Mattress
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$ 573.60 $ 422.48
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Queen Mattress, Sweetnight Breeze 12 Inch Queen Size Mattress Medium Firm, Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress
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$ 681.60 $ 629.99
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Sweetnight Queen Mattress-Queen Size Mattress,10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress for Back Pain Relief /Motion Isolation & Cool Sleep
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$ 438.00 $ 409.30
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King Mattress,Sweetnight 12 Inch King Size Mattress in Box,Pillow Top Gel Memory Foam Mattress
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$ 658.00 $ 589.99
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Full Size Mattress- Sweetnight Breeze Full Mattress, Medium Firm Memory Foam Mattress for Sleep Cool & Pressure Relief
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$ 319.99
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Full Mattress- Sweetnight Full Size Mattress in a Box,10 Inch Plush Pillow Top Spring Hybrid Mattress
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$ 468.00 $ 339.99

Sweetnight Mattresses Reviews​

I love this mattress except it isn't quite thick enough for me. I knew this in advance but couldn't find a 12" that I liked so planned on & did buy a topper. Let me say a few things first - I researched mattress types in advance before actual shopping & then read through the many reviews on many mattresses. I bought a queen size & the mattress expanded quickly. There was NO SCENT whatsoever & I am sensitive to scent. We are using the softer side - it is NOT too soft nor hard as a rock. My husband & I are both average sized. I have fibromyalgia & the hubby has a bad back which is why I got a 2" topper after a week. It is NOT a HOT mattress - I would know as I have hot flashes. I don't sink into a deep hole & have no problem getting out of the bed in the AM.
I am so impressed with this mattress. We just moved internationally and left our old tradition spring mattresses behind, it was simply not worth the cost of moving it. I decided to purchase the sweetnight because of cost and convenience, I ordered two, so they would arrive on the day of my arrival to an empty house, how Convenient! (my move will arrive in 45 days by maritime container). I was blown away with the quality of the product and better yet the quality of my sleep!!! Granted we were exhausted but the consensus was unanimous in the house. My two kids slept in one mattress and my husband and I on the other, we all loved it. I could not wait the 72 hours, we slept on them after 10 hours of opening... I can’t attest for the longevity of the product, but a week in and I couldn’t be happier.
One of the first remarkable things about this mattress is how it is shipped - compressed and rolled up into a box. I needed help getting it into my house, but after it was opened and expanded, I was able to handle it myself. I have avoided memory foam mattresses because I have been told that they 'suffocate' or constrict you, and I believe a mattress can only provide the support I seek if it's made with coils. So I thought a hybrid would be a good compromise for me to try and I'm glad I did. This hybrid mattress is still firm, but somehow softer. It feels like it's hugging you slightly, but still provides the back support I expect in a good quality mattress. . I have lounged and slept well on it. If you're looking for a new mattress, this should definitely be one that you consider!

What belongs on top of a bed?

A pillow, a blanket, and most importantly – a mattress.
There are many factors when it comes to choosing a mattress that suits your needs. But where to start? 

There are four questions to ask yourself when selecting a size:


A child’s day will often depend on the quality of sleep they had the previous night. So getting the right mattress size is essential when it comes to their well being. The right mattress will not only let them sleep well, but it can also support their posture. Since children grow very fast, think ahead a few years so that you can enjoy the mattress for many years to come.

Depending on how well your crib mattress held up when your baby becomes a toddler, it could be the time to switch out the mattress. Otherwise, you could continue using your old one until your child is bigger.
Make sure to check if the mattress is still in good condition – inspect for bumps, lumps, sagging, rips or bugs.
Should you decide to grade up, a great choice would be to opt for a full mattress. If your budget allows for this now, this would be the most economic choice in the long term since a good mattress can last your child until it is ready to head off to university. Alternatively, you could consider a twin, a short-twin, or a twin XL.

It is actually quite straightforward, they are mattresses or beds where the whole family sleeps together. The term itself refers to mattress sizes that are larger than the ordinary, standard sizes, being up to 144″ wide. This is almost double the size of a king-size bed.
A very popular choice for families are Alaskan King mattresses, for their generous size. These are however hard to find in stores, so if you are interested you will have to have it custom made for you.
Family bed sharing can be a great experience, but make sure that before you make any purchases, you talk about this as a family to ensure everyone gets a good night’s sleep.

Unfortunately, many people experience back pain or other types of pain after sleeping. There can be many things that can cause it, but a common factor for many is their mattress.

When the mattress does not support your body adequately, when it is sagging or putting pressure in the wrong areas, your spine gets bent unnaturally. This can happen not only when your mattress outlives itself, but also when you have the wrong mattress firmness for your sleeping habits.
Instead of going for the one-size-fits-all solution, getting the firmest mattress available on the market, take the time to think about how you sleep.

If you are a back sleeper, aim for a medium-firm mattress. On a firmness scale of 1 to 10, around 6 to 7.
Side sleepers should aim for something softer. On the same scale somewhere around 5.5 to 6.5.
Stomach sleepers on the other hand should get something firmer, 6.5 to 7.5.
Your spine should not be bent out of shape unnecessarily.

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